The End of an Era: Jony Ive’s Indelible Mark on Apple and Tech

Jony Ive, aka Sir Jonathan, is finally leaving Apple to start what he refers to as a new venture. This new beginning for him means establishing his design firm. He was with Apple for more than two decades making it an interesting journey to read about.

The Beginnings

Ive’s journey with Apple began in 1992. During his time in the company, he assumed different roles. However, there was a time when Ive thought that he will end up losing his job in Apple. It was the year 1997 and Jobs had returned to Apple. He laid off thousands of employees in his struggle to slash the company’s bloated product line. Since so many employees were losing their jobs, Ive’s feared that he was next. Steve Jobs paid a visit to the design studio where Ive was recently put in charge. As Ive narrates: “He came over to the studio, I think, essentially to fire me.”

However, things took a different course when Jobs saw the potential in Ive’s work. Jobs and Ive became very close friends. And the rest is history. The two took the company from the brink of bankruptcy to what became the first-ever trillion-dollar business in the world. A few months back, Apple also initiated a move towards subscription services, in order to diversify its revenues. There may be a bid to take on more entertainment content from services like Netflix.

The end of a brilliant era: Jony Ive's indelible imprint for Apple and the  entire technology world

Candy Colored iPods and More

Ive’s and Job’s friendship meant that many vibrant and uniquely designed Apple products were on their way. This meant candy-colored iMacs and iPods, beautifully designed iPads and what they call the company’s chief moneymaker- the iPhone.

The two started working on iMac’s design, the day they met for the first time. This was the level of dedication that both shared. And the gold standard that Apple products set for the industry show just how hard-working both Jobs and Ive were. As someone rightfully said that if Jobs was the visionary whose brilliant ideas changed the world of computing, Ive dressed those ideas up to make them irresistible.

It was this constant struggle to be better than iMac was a huge success among the users. Another of Ive’s brilliant design creations, the iPod, soon followed this success. The iPod, although expensive, soon replaced the Walkman with the advent of smart technologies running on the Cox Internet. And the iconic white headphones were a hit amongst the users. These white headphones became a trademark for Apple.

1992-2019, Ive’s Various Roles in the Company

AS mentioned above, Ive did not assume a single role in the company. When Jobs returned in 1997, Ive was working as a member of the design division. However, when Steve Jobs saw the great potential in his work, he was appointed as the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design. That was a great jump for him who was expecting that Jobs would fire him.

In 2012, he assumed the role of the in charge of all of Human Interface Projects at Apple, replacing Scott Forstall. This role meant that he would suggest the designer all about the hardware as well as the software when it came to Apple products.

This role culminated after the release of iPhone 7 the following year. However, iPhone 7, by far, remains the biggest visual redesign that the company did. Not only was that but the revamping of the iPhone’s and iPad’s softwares in that year after they were around for over a decade remarkable as well. Following this success, Ive was promoted to the position of the Chief Design Officer in 2015. In 2017, Ive moved back to the design division.

Jony Ive Departs – the End of an Era for Apple

Although some of the designs for MacBooks and iPhones that Ive introduced were not well received by the masses, his design left a mark on the tech industry. Many mobile companies have introduced screens that imitate the iPhone’s full-screen design. Apart from that, the MacBook Air’s design is a benchmark for many laptop producers.

All these achievements speak volumes about the brilliant creative mind and all that he has given to the company since 1992. Now he is all set to begin a new chapter. His very own design firm goes by the name LoveFrom. And his company counts Apple as its first client.

Although Ive is leaving Apple LoveFrom will work for the company. This means that he will still have an influence on Apple products and the hardware for these products.