8 Tips to Captivate Audiences with Your News Stories

You want to tell people what’s happening around them with the most accurate and timely information. Your goal is to keep them informed of the things they have the right to know and would make their lives better if they knew those things. But are you getting the audience your news piece deserves?

As a news writer, you’d want nothing but to supply the public with captivating, informative, and important news stories that will not only teach them something new but also provide them an insight into what’s happening around them with your touch of creative delivery.

Putting your news articles out for consumption is already a good feat in itself. But what about the audiences? Are they getting anything out of your pieces?

To ensure that your pieces can get the attention it deserves, here are tips you can bag with you as you create your news pieces:

8 Tips on Giving a Presentation Like a Pro

  1. Open with facts

Contrary to introductions being at the opening of every written piece, it can also be the point where you lose your audience. To make sure that you keep them until the very end of your piece, keep your introduction brief with facts that will make them want to read more. Be forward, hedging won’t keep them reading until the last word.

  1. Be thorough

Incite questions. Constructing your first few sentences with words such as, “whom, where, what, when, why, and how” will make them want to read more to answer the question that resulted from your introductory build-up. Readers don’t get satiated with knowing facts straight-up, they’d look for more details because the facts you stated would seem out of context without them.

While answering the questions, keep in mind that thoroughness will be your friend in keeping them engaged. Answer the questions as quickly as you pose them.

  1. Write in an active voice

This is one of the most thrown around writing advice any writer has heard of. But it’s also one of the most effective ones that are out there. Writing in an active voice is quicker and you’ll not need to use more words intended. This comes with being straightforward in your piece.

  1. Express why the piece matters

You stated some facts. Your audience took them in. And then what? In stating any fact, it’s important to also express why you are doing so is just as important. Find relevance between your audience and your piece. Write in a way that your piece and its content connect the audience to them. Prove that your breaking news piece comes with actual groundbreaking content.

  1. Be interesting

Cover topics that you know your common audience will find interesting. If you’re not sure about your current audience, cover topics you know are of interest at the time of publishing. Creating an emotional connection between your content and the reader will draw them in and keep them until the end.

  1. Don’t use jargon

When writing a news piece, you expect it to reach audiences of varying interests working in varying fields equipped with different levels of knowledge. They wouldn’t be able to take in journalism jargon you use with your colleagues. Be inclusive when it comes to your content language. You’re writing for the public and not for the people you work with.

  1. Write out acronyms on first use

This one should be a no-brainer but can be easily overlooked. When you will be using an acronym, make sure to write them out the first time you use them in your content’s body. This will avoid confusion for the readers.

  1. Use quotes

To make your piece stronger, citing other opinions from trusted sources would back your piece very well and make it more effective.

News pieces should be compelling, just like any other written material. As you riddle your readers with facts, you have to keep them engaged until the end, or else your efforts will go to waste.