9 Time-Saving Productivity Tips You’ll Want To Try Today

Did you know that happier workers are more productive? If you want to learn more tips to increase productivity, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over productivity tips.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

1. Set Goals Every Day

Every morning, you’ll want to sit down with a blank sheet of paper or your phone and decide what you need to complete.

Identify your most essential tasks. This way, you can check them off throughout the day. Save your list so you can track your progress.

Have you had workdays where you try to remember what you accomplished during the day?

Make sure you keep the list with you. This way, you can stay on track and feel motivated. You will know what you complete over the months and can see how you’re growing.


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2. Complete the Most Difficult Tasks First

With your to-do list, you’ll want to highlight the most challenging tasks.

Tackle the least pleasant task right away. You’ll have the most energy and the least distractions earlier in the day. It’s easier to finish your challenging tasks then.

People tend to feel motivated after completing some of the more difficult tasks.

Also, get rid of any distractions. Don’t check your social media, email, or phone until you finish the challenging tasks.

3. Review Your Workweek

At night, do you lay there trying to fall asleep with a whirlwind of thoughts? Some people have a hard time processing the work week and feel stressed out.

Instead, set aside time and go over the workweek. Did you finish everything on your task list? Was there anything that you still needed to complete? Could you finish tasks in a shorter timeframe?

Try this tactic each week. You can learn how to manage and spend your time more wisely. You’ll also see where you might be wasting your time.

Adjust your workday where you can so you’re more productive.

4. When Are You the Most Productive?

Most people have a specific time of the day, where they have more creativity and focus. For some people, that’s in the morning. Other people have an easier time focusing in the evening or right after lunch.

Most people find they are the most productive in the morning to early afternoon. If that’s you, try to schedule meetings for later in the day. This way, you won’t interrupt your focus.

You can work your way through lunch and finish essential work tasks.

5. Try Working for Shorter Periods

Do you struggle with procrastination? Beat procrastination by committing to complete five minutes of work on whatever task you put off.

By the end of the five-minute session, people tend to continue working on the task and complete it.

Try the five-minute work session whenever you’re struggling to finish a task. Keep telling yourself that you’ll work for five more minutes.

6. Create a Distraction List

While working, make sure you have a piece of paper or a Google Document open.

This way, when a distracting thought pops up about a family or work task, you can write it down.

A lot of the time, distractions still need your attention. But you can continue to work and tackle those items later on when you leave.

For example, sometimes people will work and remember a bill they need to pay or a phone call they need to return.

Even when thoughts arise, quickly jot them down and continue to work.

7. Schedule Work Breaks

Highly productive people cannot focus for eight hours in a row. It’s not possible. Distractions arise in the form of thoughts or interruptions at work.

Taking breaks is essential for maintaining productivity. People who take a short minute break come back to work with new ideas.

When you schedule your day, make sure you pencil in your breaks. If you don’t have a break scheduled, don’t attend to your distraction list or answer a text message.

The Pomodoro Technique is helpful for boosting productivity. With this technique, work for a block of 25 minutes.

After that chunk of time passes, take a five-minute break. You can accomplish a lot during the 25-minute work session.

You can try stretching for your break or going for a short walk around the office. Some people prefer to get a cup of coffee or call a friend.

8. Don’t Forget About Work Boundaries

Have you had a workday where you had a list of items to complete but then get a bunch of interruptions? You might have answered slack messages or questions over email for hours.

Suddenly, it’s almost the end of your workday, and you haven’t had a chance to complete your to-do list.

Try and reduce these distractions and unnecessary interruptions. Set boundaries with your coworkers. Let them know you have specific hours for when you’re working on your tasks.

Decide on a window when people can contact you. Communicating your boundaries with your team will help you stay on task.

9. Update Your Technology

Make sure you have the proper technology for work so you can remain productive. If you need to get a new software program, check with human resources or your boss.

If you use a Mac, check out https://setapp.com/how-to/customize-mac-keyboard-shortcuts.

Now You Have Some Productivity Tips

We hope this guide on productivity was helpful. Now that you know some useful productivity tips start organizing your workday.

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