CashtoCode Casinos

CashtoCode is an innovative payment method that enables you to make deposits without the need to use your debit or credit card, or even your bank account. This method of bypassing the use of your bank account is possible because CashtoCode supports cash deposits.


With CashtoCode, the significant factor is that it enables you to deposit cash to merchants who process the conversion of the cash to code, hence resulting in the name “CashtoCode”. This payment method is owned by the United Kingdom-based company Funanga Limited.


CashtoCode was initially created with the Austrian and German market in mind. However, it has experienced rapid growth and expanded to Italy, the United Kingdom and even Greece. Although it bears some similarities to Paysafecard, it enables you to make an online deposit first. After this, you can visit the CashtoCode merchant nearest to you to pay your deposit and the transaction is confirmed.


This payment method is practical and comfortable, especially when dealing with cashtocode casinos. When running a transaction with an online casino, all you need to do is submit the code that the online casino gives you, to your local CashtoCode for scanning after depositing the cash. Once the merchant scans your code, the money will show in your casino account immediately.


Casinos Accepting CashtoCode


Why You Should Use CashtoCode

When it comes to using CashtoCode, there are several factors that ensure not only your security but also your comfort when it comes to making deposits. Let us dive deeper.


You Don’t Need Your Bank Details

CashtoCode was created with the vision of a payment method for users that would prefer not to share their personal bank information online for various reasons. Hence, if you want to make a deposit without your personal information, or want to stay cautious when it comes to online casino deposits, CashtoCode has got you covered.


You Don’t Need A CashtoCode Account

Having  many accounts can be bothersome’ not to mention the registration process, and how much of a hassle remembering all their pins and codes can be.. Fortunately, CashtoCode does not require you to register a new account as the payment transaction is registered through the code. You can make a deposit whenever you want without having to log in into an account.


You Don’t Need A Lot of Time To Process Transactions

Although, CashtoCode processes can seem a bit tiring at first because you need to go to your merchant to get the code scanned. However, once the code has been scanned, the transaction is processed instantly. Once you deposit your cash, you can get to playing your games as soon as you want to. If there is any delay, make sure to contact customer care to take care of the issue.



CashtoCode does not charge any transaction fees; neither are there any hidden charges. The cash you deposit is what shows up in your account. However, due to operational costs, it is possible for some casinos to charge fees. In this case, check the casino’s terms and conditions or contact the customer support to be aware before making a deposit.