3 Recycled Gift Ideas

Recycling and upcycling have become a popular way for people to reduce pollution and waste in the landfill. This holiday season, you may want to consider giving recycled and upcycled gifts. Below are three recycled and upcycled gift ideas you may want to try this year.

100 Great Ideas for Inexpensive Homemade Gifts

1. Old Furniture, New Functionality

Do you have a piece of furniture that has been held in storage or tucked away in the corner? Consider giving it a makeover and turning it into a gift your friends and family may treasure for years. An old picture frame can be refinished and painted with chalkboard paint to transform into a functional message board. With a little paint and ribbon accents, ceramic flowerpots can become adorable storage containers for kitchen utensils.

2. Give Your Electronics a New Life

Have you upgraded your cell phone and now the older one is sitting in a drawer collecting dust? Perhaps a child or teenager in your life is itching for a cell phone of their own. This could be the perfect time to go to cell phone repair Odessa TX. You can have your cell phone fixed so it will be working like new. For those who are feeling very crafty, an old TV or computer monitor can be turned into an eye-catching fish tank.

3. Get Creative with Old Clothes

You can turn your old shirts into handbags or adorable pillows that your friends and family would be proud to use. You can even turn them into sock monkeys or bears for the little ones in your life.

Do not be afraid to let your creative juices flow this holiday season. Not only are upcycled and recycled gifts helpful to the environment and your pocketbook, but they are also a one-of-a-kind gift anyone may be happy to receive.