Online rummy games have been making a lot of noise in the Indian gaming world and hordes of players old and new alike, are taking the leap at it due to the large amount of hype created by online rummy sites due to the introduction of new and exciting features coupled with an interesting string of rewards and cash prizes.

So, if you are interested in claiming your share, you need to play an error free game so as to avoid getting ripped by the sharks and have maximum fun andwin good money. So, let’s get rid of the all the rookie moves right away.

Online Rummy Rookie Mistakes

  • Do not undermine a pure sequence

The power of a pure sequence in online rummy is such that it can make or break your game altogether. Whenever you play rummy online, it is imperative that your primary focus should be on forming a pure sequence without fail. The failure to do so in time will result in wrong declaration and elimination from the game altogether.

  • Do Not Confuse Colours

This might seem weird at first, however, you must have noticed sometimes you tend to form the wrong set or sequence due to mixing similar colours. Unfortunately, this rookie mistake will lead you to a wrong declaration in online rummy games and you do not want that. That will be the silliest reason to lose to your opponents. The takeaway here is to be observant of each card you pick and drop so that you do not miss out on the card you really need.

  • Trick with High Value Cards

High value cards are tricky to play with and if you haven’t sailed too far with them often, get rid of them. However, there’s a smarter option. In cases when you play online rummy games and happen to receive too many high cards at once, immediately sort the higher cards and arrange them into possible combinations.

Often, your opponents will dump high cards in the first few moves. So, look out for the ones that are missing to complete your combination and pick them while you have the chance.

  • Take the Joker Seriously

The Joker is the most crucial card in online rummy games. How you use it, can be an absolute game changer. Never get too excited and rather focus on using this card well in the game. An interesting way to use the joker is only after you are done with your pure sequence.

Thereafter, instead of making random sets and sequences, try to use the joker to form bigger sequences of more than 3 cards. This way you automatically reduce your idle cards and finish your game early instead of waiting for the cards to turn up.

Get rid of these rookie mistakes and be rest assured of a stellar game in times to come. Now, let’s take you to an online rummy site where you can receive generous value for your money.

RummyBaazi: Play Rummy Online Games of All Kinds to Win BIG

RummyBaazi, a relatively new online rummy site in India has broken the shackles of traditional gaming by introducing a steady range of online rummy games and tournaments of the most comprehensive range of stakes to allow players of all calibre to take a legit shot in achieving success.

Here is a latest series of online rummy games and promotions you can enjoy this August on RummyBaazi.

Tournament Buy-in Prize Pool Date & Time
1LAC Independence Day INR 500 1LAC 15th Aug, 8PM
1LAC Sunday Special INR 1000 1LAC Every Sunday, 8PM
10K RP Tournament 10 Reward Points(can be earned in cash games) 10K Mon-Sat, 8PM


Besides, there is a raving promotion going on RummyBaazi wherein cash players of any online rummy variant can get 20% instant bonus on all deposits of INR 1000 and above. For details on the same and more, we suggest you visit the Monthly Promotions page of RummyBaazi.

With so much going on in 2020 amidst the lockdown, finding some respite and making some extra bucks doesn’t seem like a bad idea to us.

Good Luck!