Types of Online Poker Tournaments You Can Play in Poker Sites Today

The real money gaming sector is thriving in India at an impressive rate every year and the online poker industry is a huge part of it. A game that was until recent times only prevalent in the US, Canada, Brazil, Russia and some countries in Europe, the birth of online poker sites and ensuing poker tournaments led to the worldwide popularity of the sport to become a frontrunner in the online gaming industry.

So, assuming the poker wave has caught your attention and landed you here, we suggest you know about all the popular type of online poker tournaments that are hosted online and maybe picture yourself in the race to make it big in this mind sport.

Online Poker Tournaments Types

Poker is a game of minds that first came to light in front of the public eye when Chris MoneyMaker, a former accountant qualified to the Main Event of the world’s biggest live poker event through an online satellite event, World Series of Poker 2003 in Las Vegas and eventually shipped the tournament and won USD 2.5 million as prize money.

This broke the then common notion among the audience that poker was only a game of the rich and the common player without the money didn’t stand a chance. Online poker came as a breath of fresh air and the recent world champion, MoneyMakerput it out there that anyone could contest their skills in any poker tournament with no major bankroll and live their poker dream.

Assuming you are stoked by now, here are the most common type of online poker tournaments that you can play on reputed poker sites in India.

  • Freeroll/Free Entry Tournaments

The most common kind for new players who are looking to learn the ropes of the game for free and play with fellow leveled players to learn poker from scratch. Some leading online poker sites like PokerBaazi offer real cash bonus as incentives in free entry tournaments that can be used to play cash games on the portal at no extra cost. This way, players get a taste of both kinds for free.

  • Sit N Go Poker Tournaments

Unlike regular scheduled online poker tournaments, Sit ‘N’ Go online poker tournaments feature no start/finish time and has a fixed number of seats for participants. So, the tournament begins immediately after all seats are filled. Sit ‘N’ Gos feature a fixed buy-in fees and all players are given equal number of chips to play with. Running out of chips automatically leads to elimination.

  • Satellite Tournaments

Satellite poker tournaments can be best described as qualifying online poker tournaments that often give away tickets to a bigger poker tournament to the winner. They come for extremely cheap buy-ins that make it relatively easy for players with insufficient bankroll to win and participate in the big event and not limit themselves due to lack of money.

  • Bounty Tournaments

Bounty poker tournaments are relatively new to the scene and are super fun! Every poker player carries a bounty on his head and whosoever eliminates a player by knocking him out of all his/her chips, wins the bounty carried by him/her and the same gets added to your bounty which means your bounty tends to grow as the tournament progresses.

Typically, a bounty is usually 20% of the total buy-in, however if it exceeds 50% or more, the tournament becomes a progressive knockout bounty!

  • Progressive Knockout

We mention this type separately because it calls for certain unique rules and formats. For instance, in progressive knockout, typically-

  • 50% of the buy-in goes into the prize pool
  • 50% of the buy-in goes to each player’s starting bounty
  • 50% is progressive which means when you knockout a player, you win half of the bounty and the rest is added to your own bounty.


  • Turbo Tournaments

Turbo poker tournaments are quite popular among players who loved fast paced action. Here, blind levels rise much quicker than in regular online poker tournaments and one blind level lasts typically for 5 minutes before they rise again as opposed to a standard level time of 10-15 minutes.

This means you not only end up playing more hands per hour but still manage to make equal profit like regular poker tournaments that usually last much longer. Their break time is also reduced to half compared to standard poker tournaments.

To get a taste of this type, we recommend PokerBaazi’s low stakes turbo poker tournaments that you can play for as low as INR 30. Here’s a sneak peek at their weekly schedule.

Poker tournament Buy-in Prize pool Date & Time
Turbo 2K GTD 30+3 2000 Mon-Sun, 11 AM
5MAX Turbo 3K GTD 30+3 3000 Mon-Sun 1:30 PM
Turbo 10K GTD 200+10 10,000 Mon-Sun 12 PM
Turbo 20K GTD 250+25 20,000 Mon-Sun- 12:30 AM


  • Multi-table Tournaments (MMTs)


Multi-table tournaments are popular among professional poker players who possess the skills to focus on multi-tables at once. MMTs usually occur in major poker tournaments with huge entries wherein a large chunk of players play the tournament at different tables and as the tournament progresses and players get eliminated, the tables are reduced and combined until there is only one final table left with the remaining 6-8 players.

All these tournament formats may or may not feature re-buy or re-entry options that allow you to play once again in case of elimination. So, that’s pretty much you should know about the type of online poker tournaments you could play on leading poker sites in India.

All the best!