Avoid these Common Mistakes to Win in Online Rummy Tournaments

Online rummy tournaments have opened a new stage in the exciting world of card games across India. Thrilling guarantees, exciting rewards and nationwide open competitiondefinitely amps up the stakes for players who are looking at this online game from a brighter perspective.

So, if you are looking to truly invest your skills and money in one of the most popular card games of all times, you better do it right and avoid these common mistakes that might hinder your game from the perfect run.

Do Not Make These Following Mistakes

Get Your Basics Right

Having the basic rules in mind perfectly makes it quite easier to play the game with a clear perspective and keep your priorities clear no matter what. From attempting to make a pure sequence first among all to keeping your score to the minimum in order to avoid stacking up your points, online rummy is all about keeping your game clean right from the start.

Sort Your Cards Right

In order to keep your head clear to make successful right combinations in online rummy tournaments, you need your vision clear as well. This can be achieved by sorting the cards in the beginning and re-arranging them continuouslyaccording to changing possibilities. This practice also ensures you do not drop any valuable card by mistake and shape your game in the right direction.

Wise Application of High Value Cards

High value cards in online rummy tournaments shall always be worked with caution. If you really wish to use them, make sure you already have your pure sequence in place first and just a few remaining cards to fill the gaps. Keeping them idle and waiting for too many turns to complete your sets and sequences with high value cards is a very risky move wherein in the end, you will end up with a heavy scorecard which translates to losing real money in online rummy tournaments.

Use Joker to Gain Maximum Edge

Joker is one such card that can carve a straight path to the winner’s circle in rummy tournaments in the shortest time span if you use it the smartest way possible. It is always better to have a pure sequence untainted and use your jokers to fill the missing pieces in your game.

Only in dire circumstances when you don’t have a sequence in the first three turns, use the joker. You can also use your printed card as a connector to make a bigger sequence of 5 to 6 cards if you got the remaining cards to fit the sequence.

Play Free Rummy Games Online

It is unwise to jump into the professional realm of online gaming without playing enough free games that helps hone your skills and prepare you to play online rummy tournaments for real money at lesser risk. Beginners often fight the urge to play rummy online for money and when they step in too soon, they end up losing quick and eventually blame naïve circumstances for their failure.

It’s always better to train in the practice ground, forge and experiment with strategies and use them in the tournament zone when you are ready. Rummy pros are confident with their strategies because they have tried and tested their strategies over and over in the early stages. Thriving in any aspect of life requires hard work, patience and persistence, there is no shortcut to success.

Several online rummy sites these days host free entry tournaments and freerolls with interesting incentives for beginners to push their limits in this skill game.

Let’s take you to some popular free entry rummy tournaments online where you can continue to fine tune your skills and also win rewards.

RummyBaazi, India’s Most Rewarding Rummy Site has been hosting live rummy tournaments online for real cash prizes that you can win for free and use them to play cash rummy games for free!

Here’s the schedule of the freerolls on the online rummy site.

Rummy tournament Buy-in Date & Time
Free entry tournament 3K None 9AM, 12PM, Daily
Free entry tournament None 3PM, 6PM, Daily
Daily 20K Depositor’s Freeroll INR 200 10PM, Daily


We say, you make your choice according to your current skill level to keeping honing your skills on a safe zone and take care of the rookie mistakes to forge an impressive run starting today.

All the best!