Time to Explore Micro Stakes Poker Tournament Strategy

Micro stakes poker tournaments are the tip of the beginning of a poker player’s cash journey. While some of us might take this stage lightly or as a means of an experiment, micro stakes poker is actually where you need to create a good game practice if you wish to go beyond this limit and create an upward graph in future.

With the help of a few simple online poker strategy tips, new players like you will be able to beat this scene and fast track your run towards bigger profits in the sport.

Play Loose-Aggressive

We know what you are thinking when we say this out loud. Most players would advise to play tight and aggressive at this stage, however, you must know, this is what every player is doing.

So, if you wish to make profits in micro stakes online poker tournaments, you need to profile your opponents and play loose and exploit their weaknesses when they are being too cautious and shy. The idea is to fight for it till the end even with a decent hand until your opponent gives up. One should always aim to pick his/her fair share of wins from these small pots to get ahead in the game.

Value-Bet your Good hands

Thankfully, micro stakes poker tournaments do not go much beyond level 1 strategy. So, keep your game simple and value bet your strong hands with at least 4-bet or more. With medium strength hands, discover the leaks of your opponents and make small bets often to do the job. The idea is to play fearlessly and not make the game too complicated or you will eventually lose your way.

Steal the Blinds

Stealing the blinds is an excellent micro stakes online poker strategy to raise your profits especially when you are playing against tight-aggressive players. This strategy can be applied in micro stakes poker when you opponents have checked and you are in late position so that you can make big bets to force your opponents to fold.

For example, if two or more players fold on the button and there are two more tight players left to act in the blinds, feel free to raise big with medium to top hands.

Exploit the Fish

Micro stakes online poker tournaments are filled with fish. These are amateurs who are likely to call any hand or chase any draw. In short, they play way too many hands and make huge fundamental mistakes.

As a result, they end up losing money a lot quicker which is why you need to play against these guys as often as possible to max your profits. It is important you tag these players, maybe even with the help of an HUD, however, more than often, they stick out like a sore thumb. So, yes, chasing the bad ones can be highly profitable in the long run.

Bluff High Value Cards

Bluffing is an online poker strategy that can be very effective in micro stakes poker tournaments and even in cash games of poker. This is a part of the loose aggressive strategy we have been talking about and it works best with scare cards like A K and Q. and also a flush or a straight filler.

For instance, let’s say you have a medium strength hand like a 6,6 or 8,9and your opponent (tight player) checks on the flop. A King or an Ace reveals itself on the turn, you should continue to bet. Your opponent calls and then on the river comes a King. You bet again.

This makes it a very intimidating board for a tight player to make a smart decision. The key is to apply constant pressure to force him to fold on the river without showdown. Good players often steal the pot without showdown.

Take these micro stakes online poker strategy tips to the tables and you shall see visible changes in your next poker tournament. In fact, the timing has been great as Indian poker portal, PokerBaazi has announced the 1st ever India’s biggest ever micro poker series for players looking to forge their path in this fascinating mind sport.

PokerBaazi’s Indian Micro Poker Series (1.5Crore GTD)

India’s Licensed and Most Trusted Poker Website, PokerBaazi recently announced a brand new series for micro stakers with excellent opportunities to inflate their bankroll at extremely minimal cost. Here, check it out.

IMPS Highlights: (13th-26th July)

  • 14 days, 120 online micro stakes poker tournaments, 1.5 Crore Guaranteed
  • Buy-in directly for INR 100 onwards or join the satellites at a big discount for just INR 10
  • 50 more tickets will be given away as part of social media contests on Facebook and Instagram
  • Additional Leaderboard prizes worth 10LAC
  • Join the Prime Time Specials for bigger guarantees but micro buy-ins


Tournament Buy-in Date & Time
2LAC GTD INR 200 8:30 PM, Daily
5LAC GTD Mini Main Event

9ft. 2 starting flights

INR 500  
20LAC GTD Main Event (ft 4 starting flights) INR 500  


These are the latest updates we have so far on this amazing 14 day poker tournament series. For more details and satellite schedules, visit the PokerBaazi official website. So, buckle up to bring your A game to the felts of online poker and carve your road to poker glory.