5 Insane Online Poker Myths Busted Forever

If there’s one card game that’s wildly popular and enjoyed across most parts of the globe, it has to be poker. One of the coolest card games, poker is fun, fascinating and challenging that calls for a wild ride. A game so popular is bound to be surrounded by poker myths of all kinds, so let’s unveil the curtain of truth today and bust all those crazy myths one by one!

Behold the truth!

  1. Poker is a game of chance! Or is it?

Well, this is the wildest running online poker myth of all! Sorry to bust the bubbles but online pokeris a game of pure skill with traces of luck. This means you certainly cannot control the cards but you can win the game with pure skills!

Any game of poker demands these core skills to thrive- Mathematics, Strategic Analysis, logical Reasoning and reverse Psychology. Apply these skills right, you are bound to surpass the element of luck by miles!It takes years to focus and master these skills to thrive in this mind sport. There’s a reason why we see those particular set of faces smashing those coveted felts every time.

  1. Poker is all about tells!

Many like to believe this poker myth that if you can read your opponent’s tells by which we mean their body language and behavior, we can crack their game. The hard truth is tells have little significance in live poker and no relevance at all when you play poker online. Players can twitch all they want in live games and click on crazy emojis online but more than often, they are just sending out mixed signals to trap you.

Relying and falling for tells is the most foolish mistake one could commit in both live and online poker games.

  1. Online poker games are rigged!

Another one of most widely spread insane online poker myths is that they are rigged! This poker myth has been oiled by players who more than often face bad beats or are on a losing spree. Some beginners like to blame the cards to compensate their lack of knowledge and game expertise and most times on poker sites claiming they are rigged!

If any poker site would be rigged, there’s no way you will find millions of players wrecking their brains on the tables only to get robbed every day.

So, those of you who do not know, all legit online poker sites use a RNG software that enables random shuffling and distribution of cards to ensure fair play. You may find the RNG certificate displayed on the website as a proof of their authentic service.

  1. It’s all about bluff in poker

This poker myth has been touted by many television shows that like to glamourize coveted poker tournaments by highlight major check raises and all-ins on the river rather than showing c-bets and disciplined folds that marks the skills of a true poker player.

Beginners and amateurs continuously need to understand that poker is a highly skilled game and pros work on their game for years to carve a successful poker career. From applying successful poker math to intelligent betting strategies, poker is all about skills but bluff!

  1. Only Pros Win in Poker

Online poker games can be highly misunderstood by some as a pros game only but one needs to understand that pros were also amateurs at some point of time. No one become a winning player overnight. To learn the nuances of the game and gain long term success, a player always needs to start from the bottom and study the game thoroughly and gradually work his way up when he begins to notice improvement with time.

We hope we were successful in unveiling the curtain of truth from these weird and ridiculous poker myths circulating online and spread the truth aboutwhat real poker is all about!

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All the best!