When to Drop in 13 Card Online Rummy Games?

13 card rummy games are super fun to play online among a pool of live players from all across India. This interprets tones of upswings and steep competition that calls attention to some very important game tricks and strategies to help you profit and climb the ladder of competition.

An interesting option to choose in 13 card rummy gameswhen things are not working in your favour is to drop the game altogether. The subject of concern here is to figure out when is the right time to push this button.

So, let’s walk through some situations during a game to understand the best application of the “drop” option as a part of 13 card rummy game strategy.

When to drop/ When not to?

Knowing when to drop is an excellent skill to have in 13 card game strategy especially in real money games. The key idea is not to fall in the trap during times when the cards decide not to favour you. So, players need to strategize their moves accordingly in situations like these and not carry on without direction.

Let’s begin by knowing the dropping consequences when you play 13 card game online. In this rummy variant, players can opt to drop in three different stages of the game.

  • First Drop

A player can choose to drop in the very first turn of the game without picking up any card if he/she believes the cards are not good enough to sail through the game. Choosing to drop now will cost the player 20 penalty points.

  • Second Drop

If a player chooses to drop any time after the first turn, he/she will receive a total of 40 penalty points.

Also, worth noting is the fact that dropping three times in a row shall further add 40 points to the player’s total score.

So, the question is when is the right time to drop with minimum damage?

  1. When you lack a pure sequence

All rummy players must know by now that pure sequence is the lifeline you need to win in 13 card online rummy games. Without it, you do not stand a winning chance at all. So, if you don’t fail to form one in the first three turns, we suggest you drop and save yourself a lot of points.

  1. When you lack a joker and a pure sequence

This is not a very tough nut to crack as not having a joker and a pure sequence means you are doomed for the rest of the game. So, if you fail to have either by the first three turns, the wise option would be to click the drop button at this point.

  1. No joker, but too many high score cards

This is an unredeemable situation wherein you got no trump card and too many high scoring cards with no connecting cards to meld them together, simply drop to avoid getting a heavy penalty score.

  1. Stuck with a gutter hand

There could be times when you might be sitting with a gutter hand when you play 13 card rummy game online with few or no sets or sequences or just in the hope to hit one soon. Well, wait no further and simply drop before you regret.

Believe it or not, sometimes more than often, it makes sense to click the drop button as a part of your 13 card game strategy especially when you play for real money. In no case, you wish to lose your precious money for a sucker hand.

So, knowing when to drop in your favor is a vital skill that one must have in order to play like a pro. Having said that, it’s time to play 13 card games online and win some handsome rewards.

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