How to Make the Best Fantasy Cricket Team Possible.

Since cricket is making a comeback soon and most of you will try your hand in fantasy cricket, we thought why not guide you to the path of becoming the greatest fantasy cricket player of all time. Check out all our points and make sure you follow them. Fantasy cricket might be easy but you need to strategize and plan beforehand to win that moolah. So here it goes –

  1. Pitch Performance is Necessary.

A good pitch makes a match and a bad pitch brake a match. We have no power when it comes to choosing the pitch for players. Every pitch is different and performances of players on every pitch differentiate. Batsmen like flat pitches but there have been many cases where the best batsmen fell through on the flattest of the pitches. So always keep in mind to check the pitch condition and previous matches played on the pitch.


  1. Player Performance is a Must Check.

Checking the pitch performance is one thing and checking a player performance is another. Like we stated earlier there have been cases where the best batsmen fell through on the flattest of the pitches. So again, we cannot emphasize this enough, checking how the players have been performing in earlier matches is a must because after all the players are the ones who will help you score.


  1. Top order Batsmen are the Hero

Yup, that is the truth. The top-order batsmen play a very important role in terms of getting you good points. If the batsmen score enough runs then there is no stopping for you as well. Although a balanced team will get you the highest score, batsmen are crucial in getting you the largest scores.


  1. The Big Two – Captain &Vice Captain

You should know that whatever points that your captain gets you will be multiplied by 2 and whatever points that your vice-captain gets you will be multiplied by 1.5, so it goes without saying that you need to choose an all-rounder in order to get the most out of both the positions.


  1. Don’t Forget  About Bonus Points

Bonus points are awarded for run-outs, catches and stumping. So as a fantasy player you should always think of the team as a whole. Don’t just select good batsmen or bowlers, add some players who are good at fielding and catching balls so you can get those bonus points and score highest.


  1. Planning is the Key

If you want to become the ultimate champion then there is no doubt that you also have to plan like a champion. Getting to know about the players, pitches, past matches, etc. is your way to go. Make a strategy beforehand and execute it on the day of the match.

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