Different Ways To Make Your Website Look Good

Creating a website and having it attract visitors are two separate challenges. Plenty of work goes into making a stunning website appearance and having it just as easily found on popular search engines. To make a website more usable to human visitors, here are several suggestions you may want to consider.

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A website with a logo makes it look more official than not. It gives the visitor the impression that the website owner takes the site seriously to invest the time and effort to produce a logo for it. You can easily create one with a logo generator with many styles to choose from.


There are many different styles for a website depending on its purpose. A blog should not be confused with a shopping site; similarly, a social media site should not be confused with an educational website. Regardless of a site’s purpose, it’s important to provide a way to navigate the entire site as easily and naturally as possible. Navigation can be incorporated as a menu bar that appears at the top of a website or as a separate vertical column either on the left or right side of a website.

Organize your menus according to function. Do not overload a menu so that it becomes deep and nested. Instead split them into multiple smaller menus. You can have a main navigational menu, a second supporting menu and possibly a footer menu that appears on the bottom of your website.

Home and Contact Pages

Keep the website home page visible on all the menu bars so that a visitor can easily return to the default page. Another page of importance is a way to contact the website owner or administrator and this should be visible on any of the supported menus. A Contact page can be a simple form that requires minimal information including an anti-spam filter to prevent spammers from flooding your inbox. Alternatively, it could just be an informational page with a phone number, a fax number, an email address, and a postal address. A website with a contact page makes it look more real to a visitor.

Search Bar

Many websites do not stress the importance of being able to find information on them. A search bar is crucial even if a website is new and doesn’t contain a lot of content. Most web visitors do not want to spend a lot of time exploring a website and if they can’t find the particular information they are seeking, they will simply leave. To retain the visitor a little longer, having a visible search bar usually at the top right of a website is vital.


Another option to keep your visitors abreast of your web content is to have a way for them to subscribe to your website. Provide a subscription widget or plugin visible on all pages of your website to make it easier for your potential subscribers. After your visitors have subscribed, make sure to provide for them a mechanism to unsubscribe.


With more and more users opting to use their mobile devices to surf the web, it is necessary to design your website to be mobile-friendly. The same web content visible on a desktop and laptop should also appear on a mobile device. Choose a website template that works successfully on both stationary and portable platforms. Otherwise, you will have to redesign your website to support two different layouts.


It is not a good idea to offer popups on your website as it can be very annoying to visitors. A popup to display a confirmation message or an error message is understandable, but it should allow the visitor to remove it with at most one click.

A few tweaks here and there will significantly improve the look of your website. It is worth the investment to have repeat visitors who will enjoy their time on your website and recommend it to others due to their satisfactory visits. Make your website a pleasure to view and own.