Top Ways to Organize a Warehouse

Good organization can not only make your warehouse easier to navigate, it can help mitigate risks and save money. The best reason for good warehouse organization is greater efficiency allowing your company to more quickly fill orders and expand the companies it serves. Here are the top ways to organize for maximum efficiency.

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Shelf Space

Texas pallet racking should be done in nice clean lines. Make sure you allow enough room for various sized pallets. Heavier pallets should be located toward the bottom, while lighter ones can go up top. Whether you unshrink wrap the pallets or leave them together waiting their final destination, using sturdy racks such as Simply Rack can help reduce the risks of failure. Organize them into neat rows with enough space between racks for a forklift to easily maneuver.

Item Placement

While you have the space on your shelves for the products, make sure you put items that go together next to each other. Place flooring tiles in the same row as other tiles. Avoid placing nonrelated items together to avoid confusion and decreased efficiency.

Reduce Clutter

A cluttered warehouse is a prime place for slips and falls to occur. Not only that, but clutter can tell business partners that your business is inefficient and unable to meet their needs. Keep clutter to a minimum to allow for forklifts and personnel to easily get the products off the shelves and to their destination.

Inventory Errors

An organized warehouse allows you to easily find ways to improve the inventory error rates. Even the most efficient business still has an error rate. After all, we are only human, but with the right organization, you can find ways to improve efficiency and decrease the amount of errors costing your business money.

Adopt Technology

Technology can improve the accuracy of your warehouse operation. With better labeling, it is easier for personnel to find the right items on a packing list. Scanners can help check-in and check-out items keeping track of the inventory. The software can even be used to determine who is doing what when. This information can be handy if there is missing items or inaccurate inventory counts.

Eliminate Waste

Try to eliminate as much waste as possible. This helps reduce the amount of clutter the warehouse has and improves overall efficiency. Waste goes beyond the amount of paper the business uses to include actions that add no value. Look for ways to decrease all waste to maximize efficiency.