Apple Fires Hundreds of Contractors Hired to Listen to Siri Recordings: Report

Apple Fires Hundreds of Contractors Hired to Listen to Siri Recordings: Report

Apple contractors had earlier revealed that they heard sensitive conversations during grading process

As Apple takes the Siri ‘grading’ process in-house over privacy concerns, the Cupertino, California-based company has reportedly laid off 300 contractors in Cork, Ireland. Apple had earlier apologised over the privacy mishaps surrounding Siri and announced that it will no longer retail the Siri interactions and the participation in the grading process will be opt-in for the Apple users. In the same announcement, the company had revealed that Apple employees will now listen to Siri recording samples, not outside contractors.

According to a report by Engadget, quoting the Guardian on Wednesday, after suspending the Siri”grading” programme last month, the iPhone maker has decided to terminate it.

“More contractors throughout Europe may have been let go”, said the report.

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“The staff had been on paid leave since 2 August, the day Apple announced its decision to suspend the programme, referred to as “grading”, as it conducted “a thorough review”, The Guardian writes.

“We’ve all been laid off after the scandal, with no protection against this. More than 300 at once just in Cork, with no redundancy, just one week’s notice,” one former contractor who asked to remain anonymous told the publication.

An earlier report in Irish Examiner said that contractors in the city of Cork listened to over 1,000 Siri recordings per shift before Apple suspended the programme last month.

They regularly heard drug deals, sensitive business deals, and even recordings of people having sex, picked up by Apple’s digital assistant