Tips for running a successful car wash

Who doesn’t love going through the car wash? It allows you a couple of minutes where the world seems to stand still while you watch the colorful foam cover your car, washing away all the dirt and grime. These automatic car washes are quick and convenient for customers. Business owners who are responsible for car wash equipment must understand the importance of car wash maintenance to keep their customers happy and to continue making a profit.

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Types of Maintenance

As a business owner, are you doing preventative or reactive maintenance on your equipment? If you are waiting until something breaks or goes wrong to work on it, this is reactive maintenance. Just like most machinery, there are suggested maintenance practices that should be performed regularly – before something goes wrong. This is preventative maintenance, and it could save you from lost profits due to machine malfunction.

Best Locations

The most convenient location for a car wash is the gas station. Not only do they have retail space where customers can buy items to maintenance their cars such as oil or windshield wipers, but they also offer self-serve vacuums and air to pump up tires. All of these components in one location make gas stations a convenient place for a car wash. Stand alone, full service washes also offer the same components at more expensive rates due to convenience.

Car Wash Users

Research shows that the most likely users of the automatic car wash are women. These customers are also more likely to be wealthier than those who use self-serve car washes where they do all the work. It is important for business owners to know their customer base so they can better understand what to offer their customers.

Car washes can be a great source of income for business owners. Maintaining the equipment regularly is vitally important to a car wash operation, as well as understanding the target customer base.