Signs That You Need a Duct Cleaning Service

Generally, people tend to ignore the maintenance that your HVAC system needs until it breaks down completely. To avoid such circumstances, one should regularly get their air duct system cleaned if even it costs a little extra. Below are the signs, which you must never ignore to reap the benefits of your HVAC system.

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  1. Dust coming out of the ducts

It is a rare occurrence that visible dust comes out of your air ducts when the system is switched on. If you notice even a small puff of dust coming out of your air ducts each time you turn on the HVAC system, it might indicate to a larger problem. A tremendous amount of dust must be trapped in the system.

Sometimes it can also happen because the air filter has become excessively dirty. So, if you notice a bit of dust coming out when the system starts cycling air, then you might want to change or replace the air filter.

If the problem persists even after cleaning the filter, you must seek professional help as soon as possible.

  1. Accumulated dust

It is highly recommended to check the air registers in your HVAC system regularly, even if it appears to function properly. You will find that dust and other pollutants, as well as pet fur, collects in the air registers, reducing the efficiency of the whole system.

Remove the register and clean it thoroughly before putting it back. Repeat this process every few days. You will notice that it is not that as dirty as it was the first time. But if you find dust consistently, it signals towards more dirt and dust with the ducts, and you might want to consult an expert on this.

  1. Bad smell

If you notice an unusual smell in your home and it persists for a few days, you might want to check your HVAC system for it. Once you have identified the source of this smell (and it turns out to be your air duct system), you must call professionals to assist you. It could be a rodent infestation, mold or fungus growing inside the ducts or any other rotting foreign object. These professionals will be able to reach the exact spot and remove the cause of it successfully.

  1. Visible mold growth

This is a common and widely known problem, which requires duct cleaning services. Usually, mold goes unnoticed in its early stages when it is contained inside the ducts. If you ever notice a hint of a damp, moldy smell in your house and are unable to find it, it could be in your HVAC system. On the other hand, if you see small spots (black, dark green or brown) around the vents or air registers, you need to call the cleaning service at the earliest and get this problem resolved.

In addition to it, you might even notice some unusual but frequent respiratory issues arise in your house, especially in people asthma and other allergies. Hence it becomes imperative that you call for duct cleaning services.