9 Ultimate Places In Delhi To Have Fried Chicken

Chicken!!! Anyone who knows a better paradise than this? Nope. Not possible! For all the chicken lovers, we today have designated a topic for you to get you the best of Delhi chicken. Delhi has its own little paradise of food world but when it comes to chicken “Oye Hoye” is the only expression I know!! Fried Chicken has a different aura in chickens altogether so let’s go through 9 ultimate places in Delhi to have fried chicken!!! Here we go –

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1. Carl’s Jr., Saket: Heard about best burger in town? Well if you have then hey guess what you have a great taste but if you haven’t… Carl’s Jr. is where you should be heading now. The burgers are so crispy and tasty that you will just not be satisfied with one. There are several other crispy crunchy dishes that you can try here but the burgers are amongst most recommended ones. You can roughly get two servings at Rs. 129. so next time you find yourself around Noida, this place must be your one stop destination.
2. Chilli’s Grill & Bar, Vasant Kunj: Are you a cheesy chicken kinds? Chilli’s Grill and Bar is a place meant for you! With the best of American – Mexican cheesy chicken savouries, Chilli serves one of the best chicken in Delhi. Especially the Mexican chicken platter! God you should just not miss them. A plate of this flavorsome chicken will cost you around 350 bucks. So the next time you are in Vasant Kunj do not forget to try the extra crispy chicken crispers with a corn cob! Yummm!!!
3. The Backyard, Punjabi Bagh: One thing about The Backyard is Chicken Parma! The dripping Parmesan and mozzarella cheese off your fried chicken and delicious spaghetti is something you can kill for. There are a lot of other mouthwatering dishes that they serve but trust me on this, Chicken Parma is the best chicken delicacy a man could have ever made. This place will cost you around 1800. The Backyard is a bit pricey but is any fine day worth it. No more where to go to have good chicken dilemmas!
4. Johnny Rockets, Vasant Kunj: A place where you get heavenly chicken, Johnny Rockets! Be it chicken strips or burgers or fries or shakes, everything here is just so amazing!!! The chicken here are crisped to perfection. Johnny Rocket is a fairly pocket friendly stop. In merely 249 bucks for two is what you will have to pay for this delicious chicken. So no more wasting your hours on deciding over a place when you wish to hang out in Vasant Kunj.
5. Cafe Delhi Heights, Gurgaon: Juicy Lucy Burger, Chilli Garlic Prawns or Grilled Fish With Thai Herbs, this place has great food. This is not it, the food menu is just so amazing. You pick a dish and mark my words the dish would be equally tasty. So no more flicker minded orders. Also a special note: Do try the Crispy Fried Chicken with Chillies the next time you come here. This place is comparatively a bit costly but the food will compensate for everything. You can expect around 2000 for two people excluding alcohol.
6. Social Offline, Hauz Khas Village: There are no introduction needed when it comes to Social. Known for its ambience and food, Social has made its way to people’s heart now and when it come to their chicken, trust me there is nothing better than that on this planet earth. Ever heard of chicken chaat? Social offline serves Crispy Chicken Chaat which is fried to a crunch and is served like a chaat. It is dead delicious and is great when you have planned to have a few rounds of shots with your friends. Other than this dish, there are a lot of other crispy chicken dishes that you must check out soon. The place is moderately cost effective. You can nearly expect around 900 bucks for two people. A fair deal indeed!
7. KFC: Who does not know KFC? Yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken? For all the hard core chicken lovers, KFC has been ‘The One Stop’ for all of us. The smoky grilled chicken has no replacements. The wings, the fiery grill, the nuggets, the mini lunch box, the crushers the list just won’t end. KFC undoubtedly justifies its name and its almost every non vegetarian’s favorite hanging spot.  KFC offers amazing deals like up to 50% off, flat 150 off plus additional cash backs and much more. A real deal indeed right?
8. Smoke House Deli, Connaught Place: How about some smoked – crispy – fried chicken? Well well, Smoke House Deli has it all covered for you. The place serves best of fired chicken in Delhi. Also there is dish called Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Sausage Stuffing. The sausage is stuffed in with bacon wrapped chicken. This dish is indeed as delicious as it sounds. Smoke House Deli is a bit pricey but the taste has everything covered for you. You can expect your bill to be around 1600 for two servings. Heaven awaits for you.
9. Wendy’s: Quiet well known in Gurgaon, Wendy’s offers one of the best chicken burgers with fried patty and extra crispy Bacon. The name of this burger justifies the taste here, The Baconator Burger! Also do try the chicken crispy which needless to say goes beautifully with this Baconator. The place is quite cheap. A nice crispy chicken plate will cost you around 400 for two. So if you have not been here yet, its high time for you to take a tour to Gurgoan soon.

So these were our 9 ultimate fired chicken destinations. It does not count if you are running low on budget or you have a big hefty budget this time. Delhi serves its plate for everyone in town because well ‘no compromises on chicken’. So enjoy these crispy, juicy, delicious, flavorsome, meant to sooth your buds ‘chicken’! (I have endless adjectives for chickens). Next time you find yourself around these place DO NOT miss it!