Three Ways to Better Your Quality of Life Through Healthier Decisions

Health is about more than eating right and getting enough exercise. Health incorporates mind and body, both physically and psychologically, which means for a better quality of life, you need to work on multiple aspects and make healthier decisions. How so? Let this article be a brief guide on where to start when it comes to living a healthier, better, more fulfilled life.

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Decide What Fulfillment Means to You, Then Set Goals to Achieve It

What do you feel that you would have to do to feel fulfilled? Would you want to land a bigtime promotion to put yourself ahead of where you imagined you’d be in your career? Would you be a stay-at-home parent with financial stability and a little free time?

Make goals, like learning a new language or learning how to operate Mastercam for solidworks. Then crush them. Yes, some goals take years, even decades, to accomplish. But the point is to have those goals in the first place. Working towards something is good for your mental health because there’s never a lull in what you know will make you happier in your life.

Nutrition Matters More Than You Think, so Load Up on Protein, Heart-Healthy Fats, and Carb-Loaded Green Veggies—Plus TONS of Water

Nourishing your body in turn nourishes your mind. What you eat breaks down into essentials nutrients and vitamins, then that nutrition flows through you. When you eat nutrient-rich and delicious foods, your mind and body both benefit with strength, sharper focus, speedy recovery times, and better health overall.

You feel good. You look good. So, strive for a gallon of water per day, loads of protein, moderate heart-healthy fats, and green vegetables for non-junky carbs.

Yes, You Should Exercise—But Make it Something You Love to Do Instead of Something You Have to Do

Being physically active is moreso important to your mind than your body. Yes, it keeps you in shape, but exercise has been shown to release endorphins that simply make you feel great after a good workout. However, nothing can better a bad workout or one that you hate. Hence, the reason you should do something you love, like take a kickboxing class or learn how to pole dance.

Tip: See what classes your local gym offers on a weekly basis and go from there. Or simply turn on music and dance around your living room until your heart pounds.