Xbox One April Update Brings FreeSync, 1440p Support, and Low Latency Mode

Xbox One April Update Brings FreeSync, 1440p Support, and Low Latency Mode

The Xbox One April update is now live. It brings a host of new features to the Xbox One X and Xbox One S. These include FreeSync, support for 1440p resolution, a low latency mode, and more. The Xbox One April update download size is roughly 732MB. What’s interesting is that forward facing features like FreeSync which helps reduce input latency and minimise display stuttering and tearing will be available on both Xbox One X and Xbox One S. Keep in mind that regardless of console, you’ll need a FreeSync-certified display. Xbox One S and Xbox One X will also support high dynamic range with AMD Radeon FreeSync 2.

Both consoles also support video output at 2560×1440 (1440p) resolution for games and media giving users greater choice, particularly if they use a 1440p monitor. Developers can also now enable games to run at native 1440p resolution on Xbox One X. All these video options can be switched on in the video options from the Settings menu on the Xbox One. Navigate to “Display & Sound,” then “Video Output.” Note that you’ll only be able to turn on these settings if your TV or monitor supports them.

Also new is Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). This lets newer TVs that support ALLM or game mode as it’s also known to switch to its low latency mode when you’re playing a video game.

Other additions include tighter Mixer integration, easier Twitter sharing and allowing you to switch between light and dark themes depending on the time of day.

While these features are welcome and build upon Microsoft’s promise to improve the Xbox One family of consoles, we wonder if there would be any new Xbox One exclusives this year. If a pre-E3 2018 leak is to be believed, we may be in for a pleasant surprise.