How to backup Android data with MobiKin Assistant for Android


Backup your text messages and contacts on Android

Losing your text messages or contacts can be devastating. They are highly valuable and regarded as some of the most important data stored on your Android device. That’s why you need a professional Android file manager like MobiKin Assistant for Android to backup and manage these effectively.

The MobiKin system lets you export all of your contacts’ information and their text messages with just one click. Your conversations will be saved in HTML or VCF formats on your computer and be easily accessible. One you’ve transferred your contacts, you can edit their information and send mass text messages via the app.

MobiKin is that simple. Don’t lose your priceless contact information or text messages again: backup text messages from Android and enjoy the security of a quality Android device manager. The MobiKin Assistant for Android does so much more – read on for the other unique features it has to offer.

mobikin sms

Never lose data again and free up space on Android

MobiKin Assistant for Android exports all of the files on your Android device and securely stores them on your PC or Mac. Your data is safely transferred in their original format and retain the highest quality possible. You’ll never have to worry about losing anything on your Android device again.

Once you’ve downloaded this important tool, you can get started on quickly backing up your files. We’ve already mentioned how you can backup contacts from Android and text messages but the MobiKin program has many other features. You can save your apps, photos, music, books, videos, sending and receiving SMS messages from your computer and so much more.

You should have everything on your Android device backed up to ensure you don’t lose anything. But the software is also useful for keeping precious memories available on your Android device. If you have some files that you need, but don’t use frequently, you can put them on your computer through MobiKin. Make sure you pick up the MobiKin Assistant for Android below.

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MobiKin’s versatility

MobiKin backs up all of your data, but there are other interesting functions that make it even more useful. You can organize and manage your apps right from the interface. It works just like the backup feature. You just upload them to your PC or Mac and manage them from there. You can get a view of all of your apps at a glance and choose which ones you want to uninstall to free up memory. You can also manage your APK files with just one click.

MobiKin is compatible with almost any Android device available on the market from brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and many more. Download the software, plug in your device and let MobiKin do the work. Just imagine all the ways MobliKin’s Assistant for Android can improve your smartphone experience.