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HTC U12+ Won’t Ship With a 3.5mm Headphone Jack to USB Type-C Adapter

HTC U12+ won’t include a headphone adapter to let you use traditional 3.5mm jack headphones with the given USB Type-C port. Thankfully, the flagship does include USB Type-C powered HTC USonic earbuds in the box, complete with active noise cancellation. The decision to exclude the headphone adapter makes HTC a distinct player against companies such

HTC U12+ Launch Expected in Taiwan in May: Report

HTC U12+ is reportedly all set to be the Taiwanese phone manufacturer’s flagship offering for 2018. With a more streamlined approach planned for the future, HTC is seemingly looking to skip the U12branding and instead launch the U12+, which is currently codenamed HTC Imagine internally. New reports from Taiwan suggest the HTC