Big Data collection

Big data is the large, voluminous data that businesses collect on a daily basis. This data could be collected in many ways and forms that include emails, texts, financial transactions, and video. With so much information being collected at almost any given moment of time, storage can be a real issue. This is where Hadoop enters the picture. Hadoop is open source software that is managed by Apache Software Foundation that is a collection of libraries that serve to process a large amount of data. Here, the ‘large data’ can mean up to four million queries on Google in a single minute!

While the idea of data and libraries might seem confusing, it will be easier to understand with real-world applications of the software. An Israeli company has developed a system where patrons can now fill up their own glasses of beer and pay for exactly how much they have drunk when leaving the establishment. A customer is given a sort of smart card that they have to swipe before pouring the beer into their glass.

The kegs are fitted with flow meters to measure the amount of beer poured and a router collects all of this data that is then sent to the bar’s computer. This particular application of Hadoop has opened up a stream of possibilities. It can be used to measure which drinks or beers are more popular and at what time of the day, week, month or year. This way, alcohol companies can decide when and where to give discounts to drive up sales.

Using Big data in real-life

It can also be used to keep track of the amount of beer and automatically order for new kegs based on popularity. Since customers aren’t forced to buy an entire drink but can choose to even just sample all the beer available, it was found that people drank up to 30% more beer each time they went out drinking with the swipe card. Other statistics beer companies have found is that 70% of city customers drink from 8 to 10 in the evening, while only 40% of suburban customers visit pubs during the same time. This has allowed beer companies to evaluate pricing in particular regions.

With the popularity and ease of access to Hadoop technology, it is become very easy to learn Hadoop online. You must take care to learn from qualifies institutions or lecturers in order to master this sometimes complex software. Usually, Hadoop is learnt with a data science online course as big data and Hadoop goes hand in hand. There are many development software applications that you can learn online including android apps development tools, Python, and iOS development. While you can pick up these skills just because you are curious or are interested in them, it will also do you good to learn these skills from an institution that will give you a valid certification. As mentioned above, the possibilities with big data are nearly endless and learning Hadoop will give you the edge in processing all that information.

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